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Why Aquaponics?

Because it is often delivered live, aquaponics grown produce is:

– Fresh, not days or weeks old AND

– Flavor is at its peak

– Nutrients are most potent

– Aquaponics grown produce neveris treated with toxic pesticides – even organic approved pesticides kill fish.

Our fish fertilize our Aquaponics grown produce. Because ours is not fertilized with traditional fertilizers from warm blooded animals; there is NO E-coli or salmonella risk

Aquaponics grown produce is environmentally friendly because:

– Protects water sources – no pesticides nor fertilizers to runoff and pollute rivers, ponds, lakes, streams or drinking water sources.

– Conserves water – water used is recycled in a closed loop system and requires less water than a hydroponics system and only 5-10% of the water required for traditional farm raised produce.

– Conserves fuel – the ease and ability to grow aquaponics almost anywhere – regardless of climate and season – aquaponics produce can be grown locally and reduce miles driven for delivery.

– Conserves energy – structural containment of the system and use of alternative energy sources, such as passive solar, solar and wind power reduce the cost of electricity.

– Conserves land – aquaponics systems grow six times more per square foot than traditional farming.



  • The number one reason why aquaponics raised produce is your superior choice is the confidence that you can have in the integrity invested in growing it – healthy, tasty and local.

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